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Size Guide

[ Size Guide ]

Sizing Chart for Pokeboo Packable Boots. Includes both UK and EU sizes

Widest part of Sole - Toe box area - (Wider than standard footwear)


Cuff | Gaiter - Widest part of upper boot at the top - Approx. circumference

Size chart for the widest part of Pokeboo Packable Boots at the cuff level


The weight of a pair of Pokeboo including their free carry case:

Size UK 4 | SS - less than 500 grams - less than 250 grams per Pokeboo Boot

Size UK 8 | LL - approx. 570 grams - less than 285 grams per Pokeboo Boot 

Size UK 11/12 | 5L - approx. 630 grams - 315 grams per Pokeboo Boot



[ Material ]

Body / Exterior: Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber

Interior: Nylon

Drawstring / Polypropylene, Nylon, Natural Rubber

Hood / Gaiter (Charcoal): Polyester, (Khaki) & (Royal Blue): Nylon



Shipping & Returns


Please allow up to 24 - 48 hours for your order to be processed for shipping (excluding weekends).

However, we do make every effort to fulfil orders as quickly as possible. We are a team of humans, working with human hands and we aren’t perfect but will always try our utmost to achieve our service level :-)


Postage price is based on weight, packaging and prep.

FREE UK DELIVERY: Royal Mail Track & Trace - Delivery 1 - 3 days after processing.

FAST UK DELIVERY: £4.99 Royal Mail Track & Trace - Delivery 1 - 2 days after processing.



EUROPE: 1 x Pair £20 | 2 x Pairs £27.50 - Royal Mail Track & Trace International - Delivery 3 - 10 business days after processing


REST OF WORLD: 1 x Pair £27.50 | 2 x Pairs £35 - Royal Mail Track & Trace International - Delivery 3 - 17 business days after processing


We deliver in the UK and can also ship to overseas destinations in the EU and Worldwide. The shipping times given are estimations and timescales of what we would normally expect items to be delivered in with the Royal Mail Track and Trace service. 

OVERSEAS SHIPPING TIME: Approx. 3 - 17 days. 

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS ONLY - (Duties And Taxes Are Not Included In The Prices Of The Goods).     

At busy times of year, please understand that sometimes items may take longer to be delivered than expected.


To be eligible to exchange your Pokeboo boots for a different size. All we ask is that the boots are not worn outdoors whatsoever and kept brand new. Please check out your size indoors and please do not remove any tags etc.

Thank you :-)

Any queries? Please email:

Care Instructions

POKEBOO is brought to the UK by Shop Green Today Ltd an online home and garden store based in Yorkshire.
The POKEBOO boots won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018.
POKEBOO have been designed by ATOM Corporation based in Japan.
However, manufacturing of POKEBOO takes place in Thailand where there is access to the natural rubber to create the boots.


Cleaning and care instructions:

  • Wash the exterior of the boot with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. If the inside of the boot needs to be washed due to excess perspiration, remove the footbed and wash by hand. Hang to dry. Do not put in the dryer.
  • Do not use near oil or petroleum, which will react with the rubber.
  • When drying, avoid use of a heating element or direct sunlight.
  • You may notice a white powdery film (so-called "blooming") on the rubber. This is characteristic of high-quality natural rubber and is normal. If you wish to remove, please do so with a damp cloth.
  • If the rubber is sticky to touch, then please wipe the boots down before storing them away.

Storage of natural rubber products:

  • Do not store near places exposed to high temperatures, such as heating elements or open fires and avoid direct sunlight which may fade the boot over time.
  • To ensure POKEBOO retains the shape of your feet and legs, please insert used paper (such as newspaper) when not in use.
  • Store POKEBOO in a cool, dark and dry place.

Safety precautions and allergy warning:

  • Some skin types will react to rubber, if an itch or rash occurs, please refrain from using POKEBOO.
  • Please avoid contact with glass or other sharp objects. The boots have been designed with comfort in mind and for light or occasional use.
  • If used for an extended period of time, there may result some sweat residue in the interior of the boots. In this case, please dry the boots in the shade after using.


If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at




NEW Pokeboo TREAD 2024

Experience the thrill and exclusivity of being the first in the UK and Europe to own and wear the revolutionary Pokeboo TREAD!

 (limited availability, more arriving later in the season)

So convenient you'll want to take them everywhere! 

The NEW Pokeboo TREAD is expertly made with natural rubber to provide superior water-resistance and a convenient foldable design. Its form-fitting design hugs your calves and toes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable walking experience. The best part? These boots are extremely lightweight, weighing no more than a standard-sized bottle of drink!

Ultralight Design:

The Pokeboo TREAD rain boots are a unique minimalist take on traditional Japanese wellingtons, designed for comfort and functionality. Their handmade natural rubber construction, coupled with the flat TREAD sole, provides extra grip and sturdiness. These boots are also super lightweight, flexible, and easily packable. In addition, they come with a carry bag and are water resistant.

As easy to Carry Around as a Single Bottle Drink !


Pokeboo Boots contain Natural Rubber which could cause allergic reaction. 
View full details

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love Pokeboo. They have the cutest name & are the best barefoot friendly rain-boot. I am so happy to see they have a more rugged sole! Thank you Pokeboo✨🙌🙏

Stephen Farthing
One day and One Night more!!

Well? A further update! Having decided to go - at least - a full week earlier than was expected. I will be moving on ordering a pair of these Pokeboo Tread Boots on the 17th of this month. General delivery is in two days so.. These ought to arrive on the 19th of January - fortunately - on a day off from work. So I should be home when these arrive.

To move forward this quickly. And more so than I had intended! Is a risk but one to be weighed up carefully. I will be intending to commit and do so. Accordingly.

Stephen Farthing
Going back to the 29th.

Further update. Going back to the original date. Still interested to go with these Pokeboo treads. I was tempted to go a lot earlier than the 29th. But I will hold to my original date. I understand that only the black version are available. Well? No problems with that! At least in theory it should make it faster. And yet it might do so!

Hello Stephen, Great to hear from you again. We're thinking we'd best set aside a pair for you, as the the NEW Pokeboo TREAD are flying out so fast you'd think they had wings on them and we could even be sold out before we get chance to officially launch next month at the Spring Fair! :-))) We're very excited and so pleased with your interest in the new Pokeboo. We'll look out for your order later in the month. Until then, all the very best, P

Stephen Farthing
Might go two days earlier!

This is a revision of the eventual decision of purchasing these Pokeboo tread boots. And I might go slightly earlier in the committed date of decision.

I have said that I would have decided to go with these boots by the 29th January! I might just go for a pair of these by the 27th January instead! This is a uprate by 48 hours earlier.

I might choose to stick with black! Still to be confirmed but I might well stick to the choice as well!

Still!! Watch this space!

Hello Stephen, Great to hear from you and we're really pleased to hear you are considering a pair of the NEW Pokeboo TREAD :-) However, at the moment we have only produced them in Black so far ,as the TREAD haven't officially launched yet in the UK but we have them exclusively on sale in advance here at P

Stephen Farthing
Deciding again!

I liked the Pokeboo boots I bought before! But the soles were a bit thin and on slippery ground - lacked traction! Having heard of these new versions with the better soles I am considering purchasing one pair of these. The colour choice is going to take some time over the next few weeks to decide. I probably might go black again! The soles look much better than the first versions I bought. I suspect that these are a big improvement on the originals.

I should decide by the 29th January. So watch this space! I will be back. Purchasing!