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A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Comfy, unique item

Exactly as advertised. Pleasantly surprised at comfort. Quality seems very good. Haven't seen any other boots that can pack away as small as this---pretty unique item but is exactly what I needed, which are high waterproof boots to go in a backpack. I can't speak for durability yet because I haven't had them long enough.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review


Never got on with wellies, as I have thick calves and even fashion favourites do not fit me. These are light, comfortable and a dream to put on and take off. Finally they can be packed and taken with you easily as they take no space at all

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

They're here!! Blimey, that was quick.

First off. Forgive my colourful retort. But the Black Pokeboos arrived. I have noticed a few differences from my earlier pairs. Not least on the soles of them.

They've got slightly thicker soles. Don't misunderstand me! That's a good thing. These are a little bit more rigid but still lightweight and protective. Not too bad at all. And still perfectly foldable as well. I have got them on now and will be giving these a test out and about, today.

I have always preferred these - and I still like them. As a little bit of a joke. If you had done these in garish bright colours. I would have gotten a pair, even if bright red in colour. Or bright purple, or any other colour. But the existing colours will do!

A Pokeboo 4 Star Customer Review

They're under way.

Well? Committed a little bit more sooner than was expected. But there it is. Sent for the black Pokeboos on the 19th. In theory, should arrive on the 21st of this month. So I shall wait in home until, at least, 11.30 am on Saturday.

I'm quite familiar with Pokeboos - and very much used to them. These should go with me on a coaching holiday to Scotland in April of this year. I had the Charcoal and the Royal Blue boots in 2020. Both have been very comfortable and may use these for paddle boarding later in the year. I am - understandably looking forward to these coming. Hopefully the Post Strike shouldn't interfere with it - too much!

A Pokeboo Bots 5 Star Customer Review

Great rain boot: Barefoot, Waterproof, Packable

Super comfortable rain boot. The rubber is so soft and does not need to be broken in. The size is as expected. I normally wear a size 9 and I ordered a 9. Fit like a glove. We’re in hurricane season now so we get a lot of rain. I’ve walked in numerous puddles while raining and no water comes in. There is a string you can pull to tighten the top of the boot to ensure you keep dry from up top. I’m 5’9 and the boot stops about 2inches below my knee. It comes with a pouch so you can roll them up and easily carry them with you when you travel. Highly recommended!

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Perfect rain boots!

Love these boots! I wanted some rubber rain boots to wear for splashing in puddles with my daughter or walking in mud, or other water activities. I don't like the normal ones they all have thick soles and heels that I find uncomfortable and difficult to walk in. I found these from a website for minimalist shoes. Decided to try them and they are amazing. Super light on the feet with flat flexible soles. I was able to walk through deep puddles without getting wet feet and could walk all day in them without getting uncomfortable feet. I also love that they easy to fold up in a bag so I can bring them with me on camping trips without taking up lots of space.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

So comfortable

I am so impressed by these boots! I almost exclusively wear barefoot shoes for about 1.5 years now and I needed waterproof shoes for sailing. These shoes are really lightweight and have a very good size once packed. At the same time they are the most confortable shoes I have ever worn, more like a sock. I couldn't put the grip to a test yet, but from the first try out in muddy weathers they seems to tick all the boxes. And they look a lot nicer and subtle than what I expected, too.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

The next thing to being barefoot

I have always been impressed by some of the Japans customs such as taking off shoes before entering a home. When working in wet ground, one does not want a heavy, hot, rubber boot when they are worn all day. These boots are perfect, because it is the next thing to being barefoot. I use these boots when doing yard work.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

a virtually barefoot welly experience

I was recently given a pair of Pokeboo khaki boots as a gift and they are brilliant! Waterproof, durable, comfortable - a virtually barefoot welly experience. I am delighted with my pair and they are great to wear on rough or smooth terrain, through mud, fords and waterfalls. Pokeboo customer service was excellent too when I needed to swap for a different size. 😊

A Pokeboo Boots 4 Star Customer review

Super comfortable for walking, but they have a definite flaw!

I have maybe been stingy giving 4 not 5 stars. I love walking in these boots, they really a pleasure to walk in and you feel so free and unencumbered - around the calf as well as the foot. But I find the toggle that dangles at the back a complete nuisance. If you try to sit down and cross your legs or crouch down or sit on the ground, the toggle digs into you in a very unpleasant manner. If the toggle is necessary (I'm not convinced it is and am wondering about cutting them off), they would work much better at the front than the back. The charcoal ones are not very charcoal (I though at first I'd accidentally been sent the khaki ones).

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Excellent service, excellent product!

Not only the boots are fully what I hoped for, but I was more than happy with the excellent service of - Shop Green! Quick and adequate response on my mails, and very helpfull when dutch customs did a bad job. Finally bought a pair for my wife too. Thank you so much for the service.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Love these boots!

Fit is perfect and feels like I'm wearing nothing. They are so cute! Love love love! I want the green pair next!

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

May need a second pair

Just got my pair and they are amazing and so comfy. I may need a second pair.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

I'm so happy ✨✨☔️

I'm so happy for wellies 🥰 So versatile and functional! Raining? Easy, slip them on and fold them back nicely in their bag. Minimal space, minimal weight ✨✨☔️

A Pokeboo 4 Star Customer Review

Got them on. Day 1.

I have got the boots on and am breaking them in. Like one other person. I'm used to barefoot footwear. But these Pokeboo boots are surprisingly lightweight and quite comfortable. I intend to keep these on my feet until bedtime. With or without socks of any description. I could almost forget they're on my feet.

These are remarkably very good in feeling. I am feeling no drawbacks with them.

I do rather like them. And seeing that there's a royal blue pair. I'm considering obtaining a pair of these. For next month! No decision yet! I might decide to do so! I look forward to the next couple of days.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Love the barefoot feel of these.

I just got my pair and I'm in love. So comfy. I plan on working at the horse barn with these..lots of mud. They are perfect. Love they are snug at top to not let sawdust in. Now I think I need another pair for all the other random stuff I do. Especially music festivals when I get rained on. Love the barefoot feel of these. I have worn barefoot shoes for prob 7 years now and they are the only shoes I've been able to walk 20+ miles in and my feet are strong and happy. I'm just wearing these in my house rn and super comfy. Not to thick or hot. And if I want more warmth I'll wear my alpaca or yack socks. Love the boots thank you. Nice to have comfy shoes to work hard in.

 A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Amazing packable barefoot wellies

I was recently given a pair of Pokeboo khaki boots as a gift and they are brilliant! Waterproof, durable, comfortable - a virtually barefoot welly experience. I am delighted with my pair and they are great to wear on rough or smooth terrain, through mud, fords and waterfalls. Pokeboo customer service was excellent too when I needed to swap for a different size. 😊

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Wow - wellies reinvented - I love them!

These wellies are a joy to put on. Light as a feather, basically a bit like wearing waterproof socks, but with enough of a sole to mean that walking on gravel is totally comfortable.
I really enjoy the sensory experience of going for a walk now! I walk mainly in the New Forest with my children, and we are always wading through streams, and crossing boggy patches, and playing tag on open grassy bits.
These wellies are so light that running around is easy, and you get all the wonderful sensory feedback from the different surfaces you walk on.
Drawbacks: these wellies do not grip well in slippy mud. If you are planning on walking along lots of muddy tracks then these are not the boots for you. (Although the sensory feedback you get squelching in muddy patches of ground is really quite good fun and totally brings out the inner child in me!)
And the rubber is not breathable, so moisture can build up inside the boot if you don't air them properly in between wearing. The insole protects you from this mostly, but I discovered that just chucking them in the boot of the car and leaving them there was not helpful and I was ending each walk with damp toes. Now I bring them indoors each day, and hang them from the tops so that the moisture can evaporate, and my toes remain lovely and dry.
I seriously love these boots and find myself reaching for these even if wellies aren't needed at all. They just make me so happy wearing them!

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review


Switched to barefoot shoes a while ago but wellies have been an issue. Along came pokeboo. They are great.

Agree that toe box maybe a bit small for some but fine for me. You do feel the coldness of water when walking through puddles so thinking about sizing with thicker socks maybe sensible but I've been fine with my normally woolly socks.

Love that they are so light weight and transportable, unlike normal wellies. Only down side is lack of grip on soles (none basically); as a barefooter you get used to this but if you don't barefoot and buy pokeboos as lightweight wellies, something to be aware of. My partner says please make larger sizes - he's a size 12.

A Pokeboo Boots 5 Star Customer Review

Tick all the boxes

"Got myself some pokeboo wellies, they are flat and zero drop, thin, you can pack them or roll them and ultralight. I think they tick all the boxes, toebox could be bigger but it is very stretchy and soft so happy with that (corrects toes on my feet). Not cheap but my feet need good shoes."