Lightweight & Compact Packable Boots

Lightweight & Compact Packable Boots

So convenient, you'll want to take them everywhere!    Pokeboo have been designed... 

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Unique & Award-Winning > Based on traditional rice planting boots.

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Not just any welly... These Japanese Pokeboo wellington rain boot style boots are actually an original minimalist design based on traditional rice planting boots. The flat, thin sole provides a comfortable barefoot, feel the ground experience. Super lightweight, flexible and packable. These handmade natural rubber boots come with their own carry bag and also water resistant.


Do you Pokeboo?!

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  • An image of a lady out fishing in a shallow area of a lake wearing Pokeboo Packable Waterproof Boots in a Khaki colour


    Fully waterproof design. Perfect for outdoor settings, including urban trekking, camping, fishing, gardening, picnics and open-air festivals. Great backup around town in case of unexpected weather.

  • An image of a guy packing his Pokeboo Packable Boots in their Carry Case into another bag to store for travelling until he needs to swap back to his Pokeboo Boots again


    Each pair of boots fold up and stow away into a convenient carrying case. As simple to keep in a bag or purse as a compact travel umbrella. So easy, you'll want to take these boots everywhere you go!

  • A guy and a lady out in the forest camping wearing their Pokeboo Packable Boots in Royal Blue and Charcoal colours


    Unique sole design provides reinforcement at the heels for sure footing and a clear sense of the terrain while walking.

An image of a lady walking down an urban street wearing smart work clothes along with her Pokeboo Packable Boots in Royal Blue colour with the Good Design Award Winner logo being showcased.


Many outdoor products are equipped with unique features, in particular, compatibility of functionality and portability is one of the important issues.

The pokeboo boots are intended for use in cities and urban areas, so it is different from other boots that aim for hiking in the mountains and much harsher terrains.

As a result, the pokeboo boots are particularly excellent on the thinness of the material and the compactness when folded compared with traditional wellington boots .

In their wearing state, not only are the boots light and functional, they are also stylish and iconic too!

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